Vision and Mission

To cater the huge national demand of milk & milk products, processing of quality dairy foods, beverages etc. are to be extended preferences using improved and up-to-date technology to ensure:

Participate effectively in the process of catering national demand of milk and the dairy line product) as a priority

Preference to the best possible milk collection

Offering variety in the daily diet and taste of the people

Prioritizing Consumers’ Satisfaction and Health & Nutrition Needs; and

Creation of job opportunities for both male and female community for the increase of family income.

Through integrated approach with rural production of milk, diversified raw materials, processed in high quality machineries, the project will contribute to meet local market demand of milk & milk products both for direct buying and industrial consumption Accordingly targets will align to:

Offering consumers quality milk & milk products with appropriate nutrition value;

Establishing economic tie between urban and rural population;

Participate in offering change in the life-style of the people; and

Contribute to national economy significantly.

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