Legal Status
Company Registration : Matribhumi Dairy Foods Limited (MDFL) is a private limited Company. The company registered under Joint Stock Companies & Firms (RJSC). Registration No. C- 133890/2016, Date: 02/11/2016.

BIDA Permission : Matribhumi Dairy Foods Limited (MDFL) is going to be established a milk processing plant. Government permission to be needed for this milk processing plant. MDFL has applied to Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) for the approval. BIDA has approved our milk processing plant. Registration number of our project is L-152017107228-H.

Fire Permission : Matribhumi Dairy Foods Limited (MDFL) has already got the fire permission from Fire Service & Civil Defiance, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh, Comilla office. The fire license number is AD/COMI/10221/2017-2018.

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