Bangladesh is an Agro-based country and the major portion of its inhabitants live in the rural areas. Ninety percent of these rural people are farmers and are associated directly or indirectly with agricultural production and distribution process.. Agriculture is a priority sector in the country accordingly the livestock is one of the vital areas to contribute in the development process. Livestock plays a crucial role in the agricultural economy. About 36 percent of the total animal protein comes from the livestock products in our everyday life beside supply of milk as nutrition source. It also helps to earn foreign exchange by exporting hides & skins every year.
Being an agricultural country, Bangladesh is blessed with different domestic animals and as a result cattle-keeping practices are in abundance along with different crop productions. Most of the rural people are dependent on the agricultural activities for their lively-hood besides which one can hardly find any rural house not having at-least a single cattle-wealth. Farmers’ keep cow, goat and buffalo among others, not only for meat purposes but also for a healthy and nutritious dietary supply source - milk. However, quantity of milk yielding by local breed of cattle is very poor.

Even though few areas of the country like Munshiganj, Serajganj, Pabna and other off-shore and reverie areas are famous for cattle rearing activities and thereby producing surplus quantity of milk against local demand. The farmers of these areas maintain a number of improved varieties of cattle in their herds. As such those needed to be upgraded.

Recenty there exixt an increasing trend in the milk production but the markets for the farmers have not being created simultaneously to much the need in the country. As a result, farmers are frequently facing economic deprivation due the lack of regular market with appropriate price.

Considering all these issues, the issues, MDFL has undertaken the task of establishing the Dairy Plant for the benefit of both groups: the producers and the consumers, in turn to contribute in the national economy.

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